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Judge Profiles

The following is a profile of each judges for this competition.

Chairperson of judges

Yuko Nakamichi

With her moving and richly expressive musicality and characteristic warm timbres, Yuko Nakamichi is a pianist beloved by audiences. She studied under Mitsuko Kinpara, Noriko Abe and the late Kazuhiko Nakajima. In the U.S., she studied with Sylvia Muehling.
After graduating from Toho Gakuen Music High School, she went to Germany to study under Klaus Schilde. She graduated from the Hochschule Fur Musik in Munich and from that institution’s graduate school, completing programs in both the Piano and Chamber Music Divisions. She gave solo performances based in Germany.Nakamichi has been the recipient of numerous awards in international music competitions and, afterwards, She began her solo career in Japan in earnest. Currently, in addition to recitals, she is engaged in various activities such as co-starring with orchestras, chamber music and collaboration with recitation.
Nakamichi has released CDs from Victor Entertainment and Octavia Records, and the piano piece collection for children "Love in the Wind" (Octavia Records) composed by Karen Tanaka has been selected as "THE RECORD GEIJUTSU Special Selection". Among them, "Spring Light" was selected as the assigned song for the "PTNA Piano Competition".Nakamichi is a professor in the Music Performance Department of Osaka University of Arts.

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Rina Yamamoto

Rina Yamamoto graduated from Toho Gakuen Music High School and the Toho Gakuen College Music Department. She graduated from the Graduate School of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich and the Graduate School of the University of Music and Performing Arts Hanover. She received the Award of Excellence in the Piano Division at the 28th Finale Ligure International Competition, and the Diploma Award and the Messiaen Award at the 3rd Grieg International Piano Competition.She held recitals in 2000, 2003, and 2004.Yamamoto performed with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Romanian National Radio Orchestra. She has studied under Sumiko Tachibana, Yuko Oshimo, Emi Maruyama, Eiko Yoneda, Reiko Kikuchi, Nobutatsu Kawashima, Makiko Yamazaki, Shoji Ishikawa, Karl-Hermann Mrongovius, and Einar Steen-Nøkleberg. She is a member of the Hiroshima German Lied Association. In addition to performing solo and accompanying others, she also instructs young pianists. Yamamoto is a part-time lecturer at Yasuda Women’s University.

Ryoko Nakayama

Ryoko Nakayama graduated from Elisabeth University of Music. She studied in Paris, France starting in 2000.She graduated from the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Paris, where she earned a unanimous First prize in both the Piano and Chamber Music Divisions.She studied chamber music at the École Normale de Musique de Paris, where she won a diploma for superior performers. She performed concerts throughout France. In 2005, she was awarded a unanimous First prize in the Chamber Music Division at the UFAM International Competition held in France.After returning to Japan, she has performed in concerts throughout the country. She is currently instructing young pianists. She has studied piano under Fukiko Sato, Eiko Yoneda, Kazumi Minobe, Makiko Yamazaki, and Genevieve Martini, chamber music under Genevieve Martini and Monique Mercier, and accompaniment under Kanako Abe.

Eriko Nakatomi

Eriko Nakatomi graduated from the Piano Program at the Elisabeth University of Music. She completed a master’s degree from that institution’s graduate school. While studying at the university, she completed a master class presented by Jacques Rouvier at the Elisabeth International Seminar.Nakatomi was awarded the First Prize in the Piano Division at the 15th Chugoku Youth Music Competition.She has studied under Motoko Kojima and Miho Tokaji. She is currently instructing young pianists, while continuing her own studies under Miho Tokaji.

Hiromi Nagahara

Graduated from Musashino Academia Musicae, Department of Instrumental Music, majoring in piano.Performed solo, two pianos, duet, accompaniment, etc. at various concerts, seminars, etc., including school appreciation events in Kure and Hiroshima.
Participated in the Hiroshima Opera Renaissance Opera Accompaniment Workshop and performed at the final concert.
She also serves as a judge for many competitions such as Chopin Competition in Asia, Osaka International Music Competition Grand Final, Steinway Piano Competition in Japan, Betten Piano Competition, and Japanese Classical Music Competition National Competition.
As a place for excellent people to learn music, she presides over the "Mustard Seed Concert" and also presides over many charity concerts such as "60 years of the atomic bombing", "Ashinaga", and "Guide dog training", and volunteers through music.
Received the Best Leader Award from the Japan Classical Musicians Association and the Best Leader Award from the European International Piano Competition in Japan.
Former lecturer at Hiroshima Music High School, currently a member of the German Lied Association, and a part-time lecturer at Yasuda Women's University.

Yukiko Ishihara (Final selection only)

Performed with the Vienna Philharmonic and the Berlin Philharmonic ensemble Vienna-Berlin. Performed with the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra in South Korea and the Philippines with an orchestra.
Keiko Abe is a music director at the International Marimba Academy (NY) and a master class at an overseas music university.
2013/2015 Appearance in "Fukushima Reconstruction Support Concert" (6 locations in Fukushima Prefecture). Graduated from Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior and Senior High School.
Graduated from Elisabeth University of Music, completed the master's program at the same graduate school, completed the doctoral program at the same graduate school, and obtained a doctoral (music) degree.
Completed the marimba major at the Graduate School of Music, Toho Gakuen University. She is an assistant leader of the Hiroshima Junior Marine Ba Ensemble.
She studied marimba under Mieko Asada and Keiko Abe, and percussion instrument under Toshiyuki Matsukura.

Tomoko Kihara (Final selection only)

Graduated from Elisabeth University of Music and completed graduate school at the same university. Received Xavier Award and Cecilia Award while attending school.
Passed the NHK Japanese music audition. Performed at the NHK New Year Concert for a moment of NHK Japanese music. Performed in Hiroshima and Germany as a soloist at the 2011 Japan-Germany 150th Anniversary Concert. In the same year, she was invited by the World strings project and has participated in German tours every year since then.
Received the Ushio Shizue Special Award from the 2012 Young Bud Raising Association.
Received the Silver Award at the 19th Kenjun Memorial National Koto Competition and the Fukuoka Governor's Award.
Participated in the 2014 Aachen Guitar Festival by invitation.
In 2015, she was selected as a soloist and participated in the recording of the KOTO project album Shiki.
Participated in recording with Peter Erskine, Demian Erskine, Alan Paska and others
Currently a part-time lecturer at Hijiyama Girls' High School and a lecturer at Elisabeth University of Music.

Judges for Qualifying Round

The committee members of the qualifying examination who applied through the Internet are shown below.

Hayu Koduta

Born in Seoul, South Korea. Entered Seoul Geien Junior High School at the top. Entered Seoul Performing Arts High School and won the Practical Excellence Award for the third consecutive year.
Entered Seoul National University after a special entrance examination by the top eight students. After that, she went to Europe and studied at the Paris National Conservatory in France, the Hannover University of Music and Drama in Germany, the Kassel City Conservatory, and the Warsaw Conservatory in Poland.
Studied under OlivierGardon, Bernd Goetzke, Christian Petersen, Piotr Paleczny.
In addition to winning the Budapest Chopin International Competition, she won the Leopold Belan International Competition (France), Claude Kahn International Competition (France), and Chopin International Competition in Asia (Japan). In addition, she won a prize in the duo section of the Rome International Competition in a piano duo with her husband Kanji Koduta.
Performed a piano concerto with the Kassel Municipal Academy Orchestra in Germany, the Daegu Municipal Orchestra, the Soul Symphony Orchestra, the Ulsan Municipal Orchestra, and the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra in Poland. Performed recitals in France, Italy, Germany, South Korea and Japan.
After returning to Japan, she has been active in performance activities such as a recital series at Kawai Hiroshima and Yamaha Hiroshima Salon Concert based in Hiroshima. In addition, she is also involved in training younger generations such as master classes and competition examinations.
An artist belonging to Kreis Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Naoki Takagi

Born in Gunma prefecture.
Completed the master's program at Showa University of Music after completing the piano player course. Studied under Tomohiro Kasahara, Fumiko Eguchi, and Yuko Ueno.
The 2nd Hina Sutera International Music Competition 2nd Place and Hina Sutera Special Award, The 2nd Rahmaninoff International Piano Competition JAPAN 1st Place, The 21st Osaka International Music Competition 2nd Place (Highest), The 42nd Pitina Piano Competition National Final 1st place in the competition and Hiroaki Kawanami Award from Seitoku University, 2nd place in the 1st Kyoto International Music Competition and Audience Award, 3rd place (highest) in the 28th Japan Classical Music Competition National Competition, The 1st Hinokko Piano 2nd place received many awards in domestic and international competitions such as competition.
Appeared in Steinway & Sons Tokyo "Laila Concert Series" and La Folle Journee TOKYO Marunouchi Area Concert. At the time of graduating from university, he was selected and appeared in the Showa University of Music graduation concert, the university's newcomer concert, and the 87th Yomiuri newcomer concert.
He has performed in many overseas concerts, such as co-starring with the Chiang Mai Symphony Orchestra in Thailand and performing at the Italian World Heritage and Music Arts and Culture Festival, and has been well received.
In addition to his performance activities, he is also involved in piano lessons and training younger generations as a judge for the competition.
Music director of the Japan Classical Music Association.

Maria Takahashi

After enrolling at the Elisabeth University of Music Conservatory, graduated from the same university's Faculty of Music, Department of Performance, Piano Department in 2009. Received the Xavier Scholarship Award (scholarship student) for three years while attending the university. She went to France after winning the 2nd prize in the 11th Sakura Pia Rookie Competition.
Completed the highest level of piano course at the French National Ville d'Avray Conservatory, earned the best score in the diploma of the piano course: DEM (Diplôme d'Etude Musicale), and the diploma of the piano accompaniment course: DEM. Obtained DEM from the Department of Culture Musicale. She has been a student at the Conservatory for two years, and she has been selected as a Hiroshima Scholarship 2012 Nakamura Music Scholarship Student. She also completed the harpsichord department at the Sergey Pontoise National Conservatory of Music, and unanimously obtained a diploma from the judges for the practical test and the basso continuo test.
In France, won the 2nd medal at the 2011 8th Château Piano Competition "Cécile EDEL -LATOS" and the 2nd prize at the 1st 2015'Challenged'Aliénor' International Piano Competition.
Invited to the 12th Sakura Pia Rookie Competition as an invited performer of the previous year. In addition, a total of 5 piano recitals have been held in the suburbs of Paris, and a total of 2 piano recitals have been held in Japan. In addition, she has performed in numerous concerts in France and Japan.
Studied under Yoshiko Hirokawa, Hidemi Miyata, Naomi Sunada, Yasuko Mitsui, and Maki Maeda, Jean = Marie and COTTET. From 2014 to 2018, she regularly attended Berlin and studied under Rikako Murata.
Participated in a total of 14 summer seminars sponsored by MusicAlp (France) for 10 years, and studied under Pascal DEVOYON, and Rikako Murata. She also participated in the Cagliari Summer International Music Academy in Italy and the International Piano Master Class in Brescia, Italy, where she studied under Pascal, DEVOYON, and Rikako Murata.
In other master classes, studied under Jean = Marie COTTET, Hervé Enkawa, Irina PIITSKAYA, Futaba Inoue, Philippe Entremont, Pascal = Jean and MARIGNAN.
She also studied vocal music under Shina Takamatsu and Masako Katsura, harmony under Yasunori Saeki, and piano accompaniment by Jean = Michel LOUCHART, Paul MONTAG, Jean = Marie COTTET, Christophe HENRY. She studied harpsichord and basso continuo under Marie Van RHIJN.
After working as a piano instructor at a Japanese nursery school and kindergarten in Paris, she completed 12 years of studying abroad in France in March 2021 and returned to Hiroshima completely. While teaching the younger generation, she is engaged in a wide range of musical activities such as piano solo, accompaniment and chamber music, such as serving as a judge for the Hinokko Piano Competition.
A member of the Japanese Association and Foreign Association in France.

Shiori Moro

Graduated from Toho Girls' High School Music Department. She graduated from Toho Gakuen College of Music, majoring in piano. She completed the performance course at the Paris Ecole Normal Conservatory. She got a diploma. She studied under Yuko Ninomiya.
2003 Glenzen Piano Competition Tokyo Games Gold Award.
2004 Osaka International Music Competition Silver Award.
2006 Ile de France International Piano Competition Jury Unanimously praised No. 1 (Paris, France), interview articles published in Yomiuri Shimbun and Sankei Shimbun.
Performed at the prizewinners' concert at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (Austria), the second prize in the Asian International Music Competition.
In 2015, she attended the Christopher Hinterhuber Piano Master Class at the Kusatsu Summer International Music Academy and obtained a diploma. In 2016, she attended an international summer course and studied under Peter EFLER, the chief professor of the piano department at the National University of Vienna and obtained a diploma.
Took a lesson from Professor Henry Yves, National Academy of Music in Paris and performed at a concert at George Sand's house at the George Sand Museum (Noan, France).
She studied chamber music under Etsuko Tasaki, Kazuoki Fujii, and Iku Miwa.
Performed in a joint concert with her sister (Asuka Moro) at Steinway & Sons Tokyo in 2019.
In the same year, she performed at a Christmas concert at the Kunitachi Civic Arts Small Hall.
In 2020, she is active in a wide range of activities such as holding a piano duo recital at Sumida Triphony Hall and judging at competitions.

Mari Yoda

Graduated from Musashino Academia Musicae.
King´s Peak International Music Competition Summer 2021 Age Group G (23 and
Up years), 3rd place (USA). 13th Great Wall Cup International Music Competition General B 2nd place, 2012 Asian International Music Competition General Division Excellence Award, 13th Burghardt International Music Competition Jury Prize, other prizes.
For studying, challenge the competition with young people after the age of 40.
Jury member of the Japanese Classical Music Competition (2011-2017)
All Japan Piano Instructors Association (PTNA) Instructor Examination All Levels (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced) Passed.
Former vocational school, Former Lecturer, Correspondence Education Department, Osaka University of Arts Junior College. Currently, she is a piano instructor at Yamaha Adult Music Lessons at Twilight School, an elementary school attached to Yamanashi Gakuin University.
Teaching from children to adults.